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Saturday 4th November - Modular Origami -Beginner

£20, 10-12, Holyhead Studios, Coventry

A fun and creative session where you'll learn a basic origami shape and how to create your own decorations perfect for Chrsitmas.


Saturday 9th December - Modular Origami- Intermediate 

£25 10-12.30, Holyhead Studios, Coventry

A more challenging session than the 4th Nov where you'll learn to create origami decorations perfect for Christmas and other occasions.

For more details please click here or email at

Workshop C

Clare runs workshops across the country for both adults and children guiding them in a range of different paper techniques, please get in touch if you have any questions and would like to have a go. Her aim in running workshops is that everyone can learn a new skill with a cheap and available material so they can continue at home to explore the possibilities of paper.


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